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Gym — Sportbalance Turku 

Wel­come to the gym!

Our gym is not large and we don’t have the lat­est equip­ment. But our gym is enough to build up a good lev­el of fitness. 

It’s impor­tant to us and our cus­tomers to make our gym safe for every­one. It is every­one’s respon­si­bil­i­ty to cre­ate a good and respect­ful atmos­phere.
We think we have done this well. Thanks to all our customers! 

Wel­come to train with us!

Gym — online store
Monthly membership 30€/month 
(Invoices will be sent to the email address you provide in advance)

 1 month 34€ 

 3 months                95€ 

 6 months              180€ 

12 months             340€


1 time 5€ 

10x card 40€ 

Morn­ing time 05–14     18€/month                                                         

Stu­dents  24€/month                                            

Under 15 years old with a guardian 15€/month


Group exer­cise 

Sign up to a group   Group exer­cise — click in!


If you want to update your train­ing knowl­edge and skills, we rec­om­mend a gym starter course.

Indi­vid­ual equip­ment and exer­cise coach­ing is also avail­able, so you can get per­son­alised guid­ance on how to use the equip­ment and start exer­cis­ing at your own pace if you wish.

You can always ask the staff at the gym for advice.

We are here for you!

Per­son­al Train­er and coach­ing packages:

Coach­ing Pack­age I

Ini­tial assess­ment, 5 ses­sions of 1h/session, exer­cise pro­grammes, exer­cise advice and coach support

Price 250€

Coach­ing pack­age II

Ini­tial assess­ment, 10 train­ing ses­sions 1h/session, train­ing pro­grammes, exer­cise advice and coach support

Price 450€

Duo train­ing — come and train with a friend!

5 ses­sions togeth­er 1h/session and train­ing pro­grammes 140€/person

10 train­ing ses­sions 1h/workout and train­ing pro­grammes 250€/person

You can also request an offer for dif­fer­ent pack­ages accord­ing to your goals and need Inv